What is Risk, Actually?

by Chase Lee, CFA / in  / on October 16, 2020

In the constant quest to improve for our clients, we are slightly modifying the format for our quarterly notes based on your feedback! Instead of the longer & more comprehensive notes each quarter, we’ll give our take on a few relevant topics throughout the year in a much shorter, easy-to-read format, starting with this note on risk (link below). With a multitude of risk events out there (Covid-19, elections, unemployment, etc.), it’s a perfect time to revisit how we define risk, how it changes financial plans, and how it’s critical to our investing framework.

Quick update on our market view: We remain very optimistic but will allow for setbacks, just as we were this summer.

We look forward to your feedback on the new shorter format. Enjoy! (Note: the annual outlook pieces will still be fairly comprehensive since they are more strategy driven)

What is Risk, Actually?

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Chase Lee, CFA, Director of Research 
David Mucciaro, Director of Financial Planning 
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