Plan. Invest. Monitor.

The Doxa Process

We are concentrated on delivering a consistent process that all our clients can count on, no matter the situtation or market environment. From onboarding to annual reviews, we want you to know exactly what to expect.
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What is most important to you and your family?
Comprehensive financial planning? Investment management? Simplicity and cost? Obviously, for most it is a mix of many factors - but said another way - what is it that concerns you the most about your financial situation?

The dialog around these questions will enable us to directly address what is most important to you and your family; therefore, making it simple to mutually determine if we are a good fit. 

Step Two

The value of Doxa Capital.
In our second meeting, we will present you with a concise booklet, outlining your current financial picture and your future goals, the plan we have constructed to get you there, and all the benefits you receive as a client of Doxa Capital.

Step Three

Complete and sign the documents.
As shown in the plan presented, we will know exactly what goes where - so the first action item is signing the documents to make it happen. We can complete all of them electronically through Docusign or in person. 

Step Four

Execute the plan devised.
This is where all of our real work begins. There is nothing for you to do here outside of watch it unfold. We will also ensure all online portals are accessible.

Step Five

Review and Repeat.
At your annual review, we will update the booklet to correspond with any life changes, etc., then execute based on the changes made.
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