Lions, Tigers, & Bears

by Chase Lee, CFAMarch 16, 2022
In big geopolitical events, anxieties are high, conflicting headlines are the norm, and everyone anchors to the worst-case scenario. Sometimes there are lasting effects, sometimes the world has moved on in 3 weeks. It’s really hard to know, and that’s why market volatility soars. Secondly, markets experience 10%+ drawdowns about every two years – and […]
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2022 Outlook

by Chase Lee, CFADecember 22, 2021
One of Doxa’s axioms is “every number has a story and every story can be told in numbers.” It’s a good one to live by given the many narratives we sift through daily – the sheer volume of information in our digital age is like drinking from a fire hose. For us, everything is about […]
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Growing the Pie

by Chase Lee, CFASeptember 11, 2021
As the second summer post-Covid comes to an end, the markets seemed to follow everyone’s lead and take a vacation. To be short, our outlook hasn’t changed since our last note in April. We still feel very constructive moving into the middle stages of this new cycle. Job gains are strong, wages are high, and […]
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Cycle Check

by Chase Lee, CFAApril 30, 2021
In the first of our “short takes” of 2021, we talk about cycles – what they are, why they matter, and where the economy sits now. In summary, we’re at the end of year one of a new multi-year business cycle. That means everything is right on track from our outlook in December. And of […]
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2021 Outlook

by Chase Lee, CFADecember 25, 2020
Last week, The Washington Post asked 9-year-old Clarke Smith to describe 2020: “It’s like looking both ways to cross the street and then getting hit by a submarine.” Not a bad metaphor, right? In a year with unknowns constantly lurking, we doubled down on our core principles and managed to turn a crazy year into […]
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