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Who We Are

Doxa Capital

Doxa Capital is commited to delivering transparency, simplicity, and integrity to every relationship and investment. 


Doxa Capital is built on a foundation of three pillars: its investors, its investments, and its philanthropy. For investors, everything starts with a plan. All portfolios & strategies are centered around every client’s individual goals. In investments, Doxa’s process, framework, and discipline are constantly at the forefront. And for philanthropy, it’s all about giving back in the most advantageous way possible.


Doxa Capital is held to a Fiduciary Standard as a registered investment advisor (RIA), and we work on a fee-only, client-first basis. Your goals are our only priority and nobody pays us but you. We believe in a modern form of financial advising, one that emphasizes comprehensive management - "your personal CFO" - without any middlemen, layers of fees, or  high-cost products. 


Doxa Capital takes pride in its market research and economic insights. Contact us to receive the latest outlook from the Doxa team.
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